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Welcome to Elram Engineering.

Elram Engineering is a leading firm in the field of gearbox and motor design with 30 years of experience. We offer the most complete range of drives for poultry houses. Our products are advanced and cost effective.

Our ventilation product range includes ventilation winches for curtains and air inlets, with an optional shaft for manual operation, as well as mechanical and electronic curtain drop systems.

Our pan feeders have very strong power capacity.

Our chain feeders includes high quality sprockets and rails and are built for durability and long life.

We have two types of feeding line winches: a standard model and one that includes a limit switch system.

We have developed a unique portable motor for operating manual winches.

We offer all kinds of motors: three-phase, single-phase and DC motors. All of our gearboxes fit standard motor flanges and are easily replaceable and serviceable. All of our systems are offered both in IEC (European standard) and NEMA (US standard).

If you have any special needs and require a custom product, our engineers can design tailor-made solutions that will suit your needs perfectly.

All of our products are competitively priced; please contact us for further information.