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Winches for feeding lines

A New Generation of Winches for Poultry Houses Includig a Limit Switch System

  • Cost effective
  • Light weight but robust design - Aluminum housing
  • Long Life-Industrial quality hardened / ground gears
  • Standard IEC or NEMA frame motor input; easy replacement
  • 3 phase, single phase or DC motors.
  • Silent operation. Double worm design.
  • emergency manual operation shaft option (for some ratios)
  • Variety of speeds and ratios.
  • Lubricated for life with synthetic oil. Maintenance free.
  • Friendly, precise and reliable limit switch system.
  • Integrated PCB compact and reliable.
  • Special PCB for single phase motor with advanced functions.
  • Options: pulley, belt, steel inserts
  • Optional potentiometer provides signal for movement and position, and allows precise control of air inlets or curtains.
  • Custom design for special needs.
  • OEM requests welcome.
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Type W275